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K&W Cafeteria
American Food Restaurant Review

K&W Cafeteria Review, Hours of operation and directios to K&W Cafeteria in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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K&W Cafeteria, American Food Restaurant Review

K&W Cafeteria Review, Hours of operation and directios to K&W Cafeteria in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Short Review: K & W Cafeteria on 2001 S Kings Hwy - Budget priced, huge selection, arrive at the beginning of lunch or dinner for fresh food or the food may be sitting for a while. Seniors, Veterans and locals discounts. Specialties: Home-style cookingRating: Decent

Directions to K&W Cafeteria in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

K & W Cafeterias in Myrtle Beach - 4
(B) - 2001 S Kings Hwy · (843) 448-1669
(A) - 7900 N Kings Hwy · (843) 449-1442
Myrtle Beach, SC
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Full Review: - Dishes are typically home-style and may include liver and onions, Salisbury steak, pork cutlets, roast beef, fried chicken, chicken strips, meatballs, pork chops, turkey and many others. The entrees average around $4 with ample serving sizes.

A wide range of salads including fruit salads and green leafy salads. Vegetable and roll selections are varied as well. The deserts, price around $1.50 for large piece of pie, are above average quality for a cafe style menu, and include pies, cakes, puddings, strawberry shortcake, and sugar-free selections.

Perfect solution to a meal in a hurry to avoid fast food and burgers.

The service has never been great, generally it is horrible. The free drink refills are hard to get or very rare. Choose your seating to provide your own beverage bars in the back, and refill your own drinks. The restaurants dining area is clean, as are the restrooms.

The food service staff are very rough, and not generally friendly. They seem to hate their job or at minimum have a distaste for the customers. The cashier is generally friendly and pleasant.

The atmosphere in the food service line is simulator to the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. You need to know what and how to order, and do it quickly, or you get attitude. They may not scream, " NO SOUP FOR YOU!" They are not likely to smile or acknowledge you, on different occasions servers just turned and walked as we attempted to order. They did not come back and were likely out for a quick break.

You are paying for bare basics, nothing more, nothing less, and priced right for what you get.

On our last visit, we seated near the beverage station and the waitress was excellent, very attentive and friendly. Her service stood out from all those we experienced in the past, we left her a $10 tip. As I walked past the window on the way to the car, I could see her clutching the tip in her hand, hugging another waitress while jumping up and down. Price of the meal $20.00, tip $10.00 watching the joy of a waitress getting a nice tip, priceless. My guess is they don't get tips often but are paid as if they are, that means they are making on average half the minimum wage...

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