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Angelos Steak And Pasta
Italian Food Restaurant Review

Angelos Review, Hours of operation and directios to Angelos in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Angelos Steak And Pasta, Italian Food Restaurant Review

Angelos Steak And Pasta Review, Hours of operation and directios to Angelos in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Angelos Pasta and Steak

Angelos - Angelo's Steak & Pasta, home of "The Greatest Steaks in the Universe" and the Grand Strand's Finest "All-You-Can-Eat" Italian Buffet.

Quick Summary Review: This very disappointing off season review completed in 2006, we were so disgusted we vowed to walk away forever. We understand management and employees come and go so we are scheduled to visit them again the end of 2014 to beginning of 2015. Though this may have been an isolated incident that was unforgettable disappointment for us.

Directions to Angelos in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Angelo's Steak and Pasta - 4.1
Italian Restaurant
2311 S Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 626-2800
Monday-Friday 3:30-9:30PM
Saturday-Sunday 12-9:30PM
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Full Detail of this Very Disappointing Restaurant Review: The sign says, "Steaks and Pasta" and the ten gallon hat for a logo is an indication, at Angelos the word 'pasta', does not go with their self description of, "great Italian" food. Is at best misleading even if you consider Chef Boy Ardee as fine Italian.

After many years in New York dominated by Italians, and likely the widest array of Italian restaurants in the United States, I expected much more from Angelos. The huge billboards plastered around Myrtle Beach, raves about their Italian buffet. I was expecting a generous range of Italian dishes, prepared if not to perfection at least resembling proper Italian. That was not the case.

This was likely the smallest buffet I have ever seen. They offered seven items, green beans, corn, spaghetti, tortellini Alfredo, Lasagne, pizza, and ravioli. Oddly enough the high point of the meal was the green beans. The Lasagne was one layer deep, and we watched in wonder as the kitchen staff brought the freshly prepared dish to the buffet. It had one layer of noodles on the top, still shiny and wet from the boiling water, obviously someone had skipped a critical step, the oven. As it was lowered a woman working behind the counter quickly spooned spaghetti sauce over the top from the nearby spaghetti tray as a final touch and serves it to the person in line ahead of me. There were no proper layers you expect, like meat, cheese and noodles. Just a pile of cheese between two noodles with the spaghetti sauce she added on top. To add to the bitter disappointment, the entire pile was cold, even though I had witnessed the fresh tray placement only seconds earlier it could not be considered even, "warm."

The tortellini Alfredo was pasty and tasteless, so I passed on the ravioli as the sauce make-up looked like a plain Campbell's tomato soup. I was disgusted my partner on this trip had the Ravioli, and confirmed it was horrible.

The plates for the buffet were oval entree plates, they did not fit their use for meals at a buffet. They were set out of the way as an extension to the kitchen, hidden from view around a corner making the all you can eat a bit of a challenge. In most normal buffets, I have normally use only one plate and it is large enough to make one trip and be done with it. The only way you do this even with a small appetite was to pile things high on the plate. Even with the small plates I had one small serving of the horrible food, and called it quits.

Getting up and down from a booth was very difficult. The booths were very poorly designed and maintained and disproportionate with the table top. We determined that a person who was only five foot tall of average size and weight, would have to enjoy sinking in around seat springs and still bend their face low to be close enough to eat off the plate to prevent food from dropping down their lap or inside their shirt.

We got a nice salad, and rolls, then paid $11.99 for the buffet slop. Without contest we had the worst waiter in the house and watched what looked like fabulous steaks go past, held high and proud by other waiters. Our waiter had to be asked for everything or had problems remembering his duties. We had to ask to have water glasses filled, more rolls, the check and unwillingly settled on going to the front ourselves to get the check. Our waiter finally brought the check to us up front then forgot we were waiting at the front door for the receipt.

My first indication that things would soon go badly was when we first began taking a seat as the waiter announced the steaks were their only speciality. The concept of an Italian restaurant where steaks were their only speciality was foreign to us. We wondered settled for the buffet as we noticed the very pricey Italian dishes featured on the menu. Later we wondered how the menu quality could be better after experiencing such low quality in the buffet.

If you are in the mood for pricey steaks, you might try it.

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