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Senor Frog's
Mexican Food Restaurants Review

Senor Frog's Review, Food Grades, Restaurant Inspections, Hours of operation and directios.

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SenorFrog's, Mexican Food Restaurants Review

Senor Frog's Review, Food Grades, Restaurant Inspections, Hours of operation and directions to Senor Frog's in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Simple Review - Undisputed five star restaurant prices combined with dumpster dive quality food and drinks. It is a bad restaurant but a fairly good nightclub. Senor Frog's at high Season Senor Frogs is in Myrtle Beach is a disgrace and it should be closed down for the damage it causes to the Myrtle Beach name. Like other Senor Senor Frogs around the world it traps massive amounts of tourists each year and it tends to get crowded at dinner time. Vacation buzz and attractive atmosphere dulls as tourists swim through sugar water drinks, poor quality food, repulsive service and time share sales tacticts from the balloon partol.

Off season - Senor Frog's becomes a vast ghost town. Any day at lunch or most weeknights, (Before the club opens at 10:30PM) you will be greeted at the door by nothing but the music echoing in the haunted restaurant. A sense of doom may pass over you as you realize your party may be the only living customers. Seating is great but service is non-existent on a weekdays if only the one server is on duty. Weeknights have more wait staff who are often distracted by ball games, their own social media. Any number of events or complete lack of interest causees abandonment of services for extended periods of time. See the full review below the pictures of Senor Frog's in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Directions to Senor Frog's in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Senor Frog's - 2.7
Restaurant Bar
Broadway at the Beach
1304 Celebrity Cir
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Sunday-Thursday 1PM–3AM
Friday-Saturday 12PM–4AM
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Pictures of Senor Frog's in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Full Review of Senor Frogs

"It is a tourist trap with no real substance - plain and simple."
In 2005 when Senor Frogs first opened our review went like this: It is a chain restaurant, but it is a very good one, like the other Senor Frogs around the World, the one in Myrtle Beach draws massive amounts of tourists each year, understand this when you show up at dinner time during peak season.

It is a tourist trap without much real substance - plain and simple. It is good but there are some draw backs preventing it from perfection.

The good: The guacamole and chips, about a pound of guacamole dip and at a reasonable price was a delightful surprise. It was giant. If you love guacamole, come for the guacamole and chips. They are fabulous.

The rest: The restaurant decor was fun and interesting. The rest of the meal was only alright, nothing great.

We had the taco tray, and the Spanish rice was bland, we received no salsa, the first time ever that has happened in a Mexican restaurant. The chicken was bland.

Since it is described as enough for two, the portions of the rice and beans should have been double what they were. The warm tortillas come in the much too large basket in the center of the tray. The tray itself had numerous rusty spots on it. Big NO-NO there. With all the guacamole and chips we had, we didn't walk away hungry in spite of the small meat, bean, and rice portions delivered to us.

The waitress was very slow moving, like she was on death's door and her demeanor was as bland as the food she delivered.

The worst part was the dirty restroom floors and walls. There was no running hot water in the women's restroom and given that our waitress couldn't keep her hand away from her runny nose, it was not a good sign.

Management should abolish the gossiping and rid themselves of the lazy wait staff and put more attentive full time staff on the floor.

2014-2016 Our return to Frog Horror

We made a big mistake We read our 2005 review a few times over the years as the memory of this event dulled we started considering that it was too severe. We decided to revisit Senor Frog's a few more times through the off season.

November 2014 - we made our first return visit, as we approached the front doors we noticed a sewage smell that grew much stronger as we entered. It was shortly after a rain and the pungent sewage smell was unmistakable. We asked the two staff members sitting at the bar about the smell and they quickly said it was just fresh paint. We noticed the smell faded as we moved farter away from the front doors and dismissed it as storm drainage.

It was nearly 2pm on a Thursday and we were the only customers. We stood there a the bar for a minute thinking some one would seat us or something but the bar staff had dismissed us as invisible. We seated our selves and waited about 15 minutes for wait staff to show up.

Our waitress arrived acting as if she had been interrupted from something more important. We asked her for a picture and ordered two drinks, guacamole, chips and a Cascadia thinking that would be enough to hold us until dinner.

After a couple sips of the odd tasting Margaritas we thought they are far worse then we'd remembered. By the end of our visit we decided service was just as inattentive as it had been was in 2005. We were stunned to find they changed the guacamole recipe, it tasted like the guacamole packets from Walmart had been frozen, thawed set out for a day then refrozen. It had become a foul, sour puree of avocado. The chips tasted as if they were cooked rigid in old sour avocado oil and left overnight to air long enough so they might be chewed. After only the smallest taste we could not eat the guacamole or chips and pushed them aside to have the waitress return them to the kitchen.

We noticed just how hungry were as we settled down to consume the tasteless leathery Cascadia. More than 30 minutes passed since our food and drinks were delivered and the waitress had not returned.

We were seated a few steps from the kitchen and we had noticed it looked dirty, we decided it was time for a closer look. It was far more nasty up close than it appeared from our table. We became concerned that this was simply the normal state of disgust. Away from the kitchen the restaurant looked fairly clean on the surface. If you looked closely you could see large amounts of buildup along the floor crevices and edges. The bathroom looked and smelled about as clean as any average high traffic gas station. We met back at our seats noting there were now two other customers in the restaurant.

We struggled to catch the waitresses attention as she arrived about 10 minutes later for the new customers order. We thought it would be fair to let her know of our review and the fact it was not going well. She showed compete disdain about our opinions and the review. She showed disgust when we encouraged her to sample the guacamole, chips or our drinks. She agreed to see ask the manager if the chips and guacamole could be credited to our bill. She snatched up the entire uneaten guacamole and chips and returned them to the kitchen. Later she returned with a faded form and told us to fill out for credit. She said the manager would need to give his approval before she could apply the credit to our bill. We thought this practice was odd until we considered her mannerisms gave indications this occurred so frequently they hed begun using the form as a sense of dominance over the customer. Maybe it was a way to shame the customer into accepting some of all of the charges.

We were still thirsty from eating the bland Cascadia and walking most of the day but we found the drinks intolerable. I was tired, and anoyed as I already felt put off by having to make complaints I made, I only filled out the form for the drink complaint so it would be removed from the bill.

Later she returned with our bill, after credits for our Guacamole and chips, we paid nearly $30 for the Cascadia and 2 drinks.

We left $30 with the bill on the table stuck between the full and half full drinks, and thanked her for her service on the way out.

Haunted by November 2014 - We entered the door a couple times in on season weekdays in 2015. Our experience from the previous year still haunted us, we saw no customers or staff so we turned and left.

We made an attempt to go again in June 2016 - After we took some pictures of the new updated exterior we looked inside, saw no staff and walked back out.

We found ourselves going to eat at Johnny Rockets instead.
While we were at Johnny rockets we spoke to employees who ducked down a bit when they heard mention of Senor Frog's they exchanged glances and simply offered, "Senor Frogs has a solid reputation with tourists." After we pressed them a bit for more the same person politely and professionally offered, "We get a lot of customers who have just left there, mostly they just say how happy they were to be at Johnny Rockets." One employee offered, "In the last few years, Senor Frogs has become a popular hangout for teens and very young party crowds." He added, "It gets tightly packed on some weekends."

One of the locals who had overheard our discussion said to us, "The quality of the food gets much worse as the season progresses. I don't think they make as much money from the restaurant, I think they focus more on the overpriced drinks and the $10 cover charge."

Senor Frogs - South Carolina Food Grades, Restaurant Inspections

Grade A - The retail food establishment earned more than 87 points. Food safety practices appeared to meet the requirements of 61-25.image of Grade B rating
Grade B - The retail food establishment earned 87-78 points. Food safety practices need improvement. image of Grade C rating
Grade C - The retail food establishment earned less than 78 points. Food safety practices need significant improvement.

Senor Frogs has a 93% Average Score
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2016-02-12 = Score 100%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2016-02-08 = Score 97%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2016-01-28 = Score 92%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2015-05-26 = Score 92%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2014-12-18 = Score 100%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2014-12-15 = Score 93%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2014-06-26 = Score 88%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2014-02-20 = Score 88%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2013-09-23 Follow Up = Score 100%
  • Senor Frogs Restaurant Inspection 2013-09-13 = Score 88%
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