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Beach House Bar & Grill
Steak And Seafood Restaurants Review

The Beach House Review, Hours of operation and directions to The Beach House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Beach House Bar & Grill, Steak And Seafood Restaurants Review

Beach House Bar & Grill Review, Hours of operation and directions to The Beach House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Our research for The Beach House Bar & Grill was mostly done between late 2014 and late 2015, much of the data mentioned here is from that time frame. We expected little to no improvements to this restaurant or its' online reviews, we were partially wrong. At the end of 2014 the average review scores ranged near high 2.x and low 3.x, we updated our scores at the beginning of 2016 and the review averages had increased to 4.1. By the end of July 2016 the average had dropped back to a high 3.x. We have learned to expect large fluctuations in the review averages.

The Beach House Bar & Grill's Self description 2016 - "We are committed to customer satisfaction with great food and excellent service. Offering a wide variety of delicious dishes for Lunch and Dinner."

Our opinion of the self description: FALSE - Despite the attractive exterior the restaurant is rotten to the core, nothing more than an expensive tourist trap. Employees & management have lost interest in customer satisfaction. The food variety only includes degrees of serving temperatures, tactlessness and blandness. They serve cheap chips, salsa and dips and other prepacked products at premium prices. The fact that they only offer cheap packaged condiments at an additional cost is an example of the restaurants true goals and commitment to the customer. Be weary, there are no drink prices in writing. A lackluster interest from staff, combined a large selection of drinks increases the probability of encountering intentional or unintentional errors in your drink prices.

Who comes to The Beach House Bar & Grill? Tourists who don't know any better, locals who want to hook up with or party with the passing tourists. As a rule regular locals, employees and businesses from around the area do not eat or drink here. Why do they have so many visitors? Location, it is nostalgic attractive and a prime location for people watching day or night.

Please see the complete review below the pictures of The Beach House Bar & Grill.

Directions to The Beach House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Beach House - 3.7
104 9th Ave N
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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Pictures of The Beach House Bar & Grill in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

What happened to this review?

With each review we check city inspection scores and other online reviews. The inspections for The Beach House Bar & Grill were poor to just average, nothing good and nothing deadly. Just one glance at the online reviews and we noticed many abnormal reviews as large groups of multiple high scores were posted in blocks directly after very low scores were listed with directly opposing opinions. At the time we noted so many review inconsistencies from both The Beach House Bar & Grill and Senor Frogs it caused us to fully investigate and we wrote How to spot deceptive reviewers or reviews.

These were key issues we noted when reading online reviews of The Beach House Bar & Grill and Senor Frog's in Myrtle Beach.
  • 5 star reviews that directly oppose low scores of the same item, service or time frame
  • 5 star reviews using clear marketing speak
  • Multiples - reviews that use basically the same words, subject and often the same scores
  • Multiple perfect review experiences that are glowing but use generalizations
  • Hyper reviews lots of all caps or excessive punctuation, "THEY ARE SO BAD!!" or "THEY ARE GOOD!!"
  • Some reviewers use standard protocols like: create 10 reviews, 6-8 are the same review category, most often 5 stars, the two or more remaining reviews are inert average reviews designed to fool filters, i.e. a local park, large corporations, Walmart or Taco Bell. A insider most often one of the last 5 star reviews is the target. A professional can use up all 5 star reviews to cover paid clients. They often let the profile cool a month or more before they start the process again. A stack of mature profiles provide an almost endless stock of paid reviews.

  • As with most our reviews we tend to make them off season when the crowds are low and the restaurants are at their best. We tend to visit them on multiple occasions. Each time we visited The Beach House there were very few customers clustered outside, it was never crowded or even busy.

    Our first visit was for happy hour, drinks and a snack. Sitting outside we noticed we were just far enough from the music, communications in writing or sign was not needed. Our happy hour drink specials were like a watered down juice boxes served on sugar and ice with what might be a faint dash of liquor. The service was largely nonexistent, we asked for our bill as soon as possible and were rewarded with our first insight, employee's may have no reason to offer good service as gratuities are included regardless the party size.

    Our hotel was just across the street so we came back the next night for another go.

    We sat ourselves and waited a few minutes for our server. After about 15 minutes we began to peer inside for anyone on duty. We saw a bartender inside but could not catch his attention as he was suddenly gone or trying to hold a conversation with ladies at the bar. He did not look toward us as we approached and stood nearby. I checked the bathroom, bar and kitchen and found them clean and presentable. When I returned there were no signs of the bartender or other staff inside or out. Minutes later we looked up and noticed a waitress sitting deep in the back at the bar, she finally noticed us looking at her and sauntered over for our order. We ordered drinks, chips and salsa to snack on as we considered the menu.

    When she returned with our drinks, chips and salsa she dropped them off and went to another table without discussion. The drinks were different names but served with the same sweet watery taste we experienced in our first visit. As we crunched on the cold chips and salsa we were unable to determine the off brand manufactures.

    Just over an hour later we still had only the two visits from our waitress and we considered ourselves lucky she had forgotten to return for our dinner order. We were so disappointed with the lack of service, lack of quality drinks, chips and salsa we decided to end the review.

    Overall quality was bad, prices were excessive and if they did not have automatic gratuities our waitress would have gotten a dull penny.


    We proved not all reviews that get filtered are fakes - While studies report somewhere between 15-30 percent online reviews are fake or misleading these are only speculative figures. This is because practices used to get a fake reviews through filters are also needed to get genuine negative reviews posted. That said, tightening guidelines to slow fakes will also prevent the same or higher levels of legitimate reviews from posting.

    To prove our point we tested multiple short versions of this review using the same filter tests, as a regular user we found our review was flagged as fraudulent. See more: How To Write a Negative Review and Get past review filters.

    Restaurant Inspection Reports for The Beach House Bar & Grill

    When we updated this review the most recent inspection completed was: - February 22, 2016 Where they scored a 90
    Follow-up inspection for February 22 was required and completed: - March 2, 2016, where they scored 100.
  • Beach House Bar and Grill - 02Mar2016 - A - 100 - Michael Paitsel Inspector
  • Beach House Bar and Grill - 22Feb2016 - A - 90 - Michael Paitsel Inspector
  • Beach House Bar and Grill - 04Jul2015 - A - 100 - Jana Denny Inspector
  • Beach House Bar and Grill - 23Oct2014 - A - 94 - Jana Denny Inspector
  • Beach House Bar and Grill - 31Jan2014 - A - 98 - Holly Szuchyt Inspector
  • Beach House Bar and Grill - 24Jan2014 - A - 88 - Holly Szuchyt Inspector
  • Beach House Bar and Grill - 11Sep2013 - A - 90 - Holly Szuchyt Inspector

  • Details from the most recent Beach House Bar & Grill Inspection

    Completed by: Michael Paitsel Inspector
    Completed on: February 22, 2016
    Foodborne Illness Risk Factors & Interventions and Good Retail Practices
    14. Food-contact surfaces: cleaned and sanitized - Comments
  • Non-Violation Notes - Dish machine 100ppm chlorine test strips
  • 15. Proper disposition of returned, previously served, reconditioned, and unsafe food In 2 2
    16. Proper cooking time and temperatures - Comments
  • Non-Violation Notes - Fryer: shrimp 164F
  • 17. Proper reheating procedures for hot holding - Comments
  • Provided Fact Sheet for Proper Cooking/Reheating (proper reheating)
  • Non-Violation Notes - Stove: chili reheated rapidly 165F
  • 18. Proper cooling time and temperatures - Comments
  • Provided Fact Sheet for Proper Cooling (cooling temps)
  • 19. Proper hot holding temperatures - Comments
  • Non-Violation Notes - Steam well: chili, soup 160F
  • 20. Proper cold holding temperatures - Comments
  • Non-Violation Notes - Kitchen prep coolers: chicken , shrimp , burgers , cheese , cut lettuce , deli meat 45F Walk in: chicken , beef , oysters , shrimp 45F
  • 21. Proper date marking and disposition - Comments
  • Provided Fact Sheet for Delayed Implementation - Delayed Implementation
  • 23. Consumer advisory provided for raw or undercooked foods - Comments
  • Provided Fact Sheet for Consumer Advisory - 3-603.11 (A-C) - Consumer Advisory-Animal Foods that are Not Processed to Eliminate Pathogens (Priority Foundation Violation) Consumer Advisory not provided for the steaks (only items allowed undercooked, salmon etc is all fully cooked). Violation corrected, verification required.
  • 30. Variance obtained for specialized processing methods - Comments
  • 8-103.11 - Documentation of Proposed Variance and Justification (Priority Foundation Violation) Facility is using ROP process for foods including meats and fish. Violation corrected, verification required. DHEC form 1845 provided, to be completed and sent in prior to follow-up inspection. (Request For A Special Process form)
  • 31. Proper cooling methods used; adequate equipment for temperature control - Comments
  • Provided Fact Sheet for Proper Cooling (cooling methods)
  • Non-Violation Notes - Cooked rice in shallow pan cooled to 45F
  • 33. Approved thawing methods used - Comments
  • Non-Violation Notes - Proper thawing shrimp
  • 49. Plumbing installed; proper backflow devices - Comments
  • 5-203.13 - Service Sink - Mop sink in need of repair.
  • 5-203.14 - Backflow Prevention Device-When Required (Priority Violation) Back flow preventer missing from hose on faucet. Violation corrected, verification required
  • 50. Sewage and waste water properly disposed - Comments
  • 5-403.11 - Approved Sewage Disposal System (Priority Violation) Mop/waste water disposed onto the street, not in mop sink. Violation corrected, verification required.
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