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Landrys Seafood House
Steak And Seafood Restaurants Review

Landrys Seafood House Review, Hours of operation and directions to Landrys Seafood House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Landrys Seafood House, Steak And Seafood Restaurants Review

Landrys Seafood House Review, Hours of operation and directions to Landrys Seafood House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Landrys Seafood HouseQuick Summary: Between Fair and Far Below Average for any chain resturant you might use for compparison.




Directions to Landrys Seafood House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Landry's Seafood - 3.3
Broadway at the Beach
1312 Celebrity Cir
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 444-1010
Sunday-Thursday 11AM–9PM
Friday-Saturday 11AM–10PM
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Landrys Chips and Crab DipFull Review: I rate this restaurant lower than average from a multiple of errors, the first error was most noticeable customer seating. Customers were all clustered together in one section, we noticed about 50 other tables open in the unfilled sections but we were clustered together in only one. Clustering was nearly offset by such a fabulous view of the water, until noise from multiple families with young children and drama became a deafening reverberation in the room. These disturbances were clearly a discomfort to restaurant patrons and staff as the mood deteriorated to a gloom around us.

We presented a coupon that we picked up before entering the restaurant at the tourist information booth nearby it was for free desert or crab dip. We settled in our seats and decided on drinks and the crab dip. The crab dip arrived promptly and it was so fantastic we over looked our first impression that it was served with only a few chips spread out on the plate. Only moments into our crab dip appetizer, Landry's famous salad bowl was delivered. We saw nothing special about it at first glance, it was like any other salad. As we started to taste it we were pleasantly surprised by the dressing, a Balsamic Honey Mustard that proves their claim to fame is well founded.

We were served a loaf of bread arrived it was cold and crisp or considered hard but not at all stale.

Inside Landrys Seafood House Steak And Seafood RestaurantOne of our entrees was the Broiled Seafood Platter which cost just over $20. It came on a HUGE platter, the spread filled the plate neatly with seafood. Landry's broiled seafood platter included fresh catch of pontchartrain, gulf shrimp, stuffed shrimp, shrimp scampi, sauteed scallops, rice pilaf and a green bean melody. It was all perfect except for shrimp that was a bit over cooked and tough, but the flavor was still very good. The stuffed shrimp and the dipping sauce was especially excellent.

Landrys Chicken Rockefeller with Fettuccine AlfredoThe next entree was Chicken Rockefeller with Fettuccine Alfredo pictured here was just over $15. A bit disappointing as it arrived without garnish or other support to fill the void left on the plate. The chicken was overcooked resulting in a VERY tough, dry texture but was appropriately accompanied by a wide steak knife. I found the steak knife handy because curring it may not be possible with regular cutlery supplied at each table.

Only a few minutes into my chicken saw activities, I began to notice the spinach cheese sauce begin to thicken and turn a bit brownish, something like I have seen with things cooked or rewarmed in a microwave ovens. Despite discoloration the spinach cheese sauce had an excellent flavor. I soon noticed the fate of my pasta was similar as it also begun to develop a thick discolored film only minutes after delivery. I have eaten Fettuccine Alfredo at least hundreds of times, as it is one of my favorites, but I never recalled seeing the thick filmy covering in fresh pasta so soon after arriving.

Our waiter, was excellent, we could see he did all the right things as expected, but was at the mercy of the the kitchen who was not delivering orders with proper timing.

I made a visit to the restrooms at 10 minutes after 5 pm, only 10 minutes after the scheduled cleaning cycle according to the cleaning chart on the wall. There were hundreds of pieces of large lint and paper on the rug in front of the vanity, I then noticed the floors in each of the stalls was dirty. The large trash can near the vanity was completely overflowing and paper towels had spilled onto floor and started spreading out onto the floor around it. I thought it was unlikely this room was serviced this day and perhaps not at all the entire week. As I returned to my seat I noticed a waitress go into the restroom and return minutes later. As we left I checked back to see if it had been straintened up or cleaned, it was still the same.

As we were walking out I remembered the deafening noise and my own hunger caused me to miss my normal routine. As I enter each new restaurant I look for dirt or trash along the walls, the floor, under tables, walk areas and the path toward the bathroom or kitchen. I go strait to the bathroom and check it out, if it is dirty I take a longer glance inside the kitchen. I look on the floor along the wall, around preparation tables and such. Customers and staff who handle the food and dishes wash using the same facilities, if it is not CLEAN at all times the restaurant is a high risk for germs and food contaminants. Luckily this was not a buffet where the risks are much higher.

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